As some of you know we suffered a house fire on the 20th May this year. The fire took out the entire roof and water damage totalled the rest of the building. The fire was caused by the solar panel inverter which was situated in a walk-in loft.

At this point I want to thank everyone who helped us getting back on our feet, and salvaging what we could from the house in the days following the fire. Specifically I want to thank the Denbighshire fire brigade, for their wonderful and compassionate help during and after the fire. Ruthin School for taking the kids into boarding and looking after them through the last couple of weeks of the summer term. Rowan and Trine for putting us up immediately after the fire and giving us an area to store our salvaged belongings. Nerys and Arwel for putting us up for the following month. Michelle, Jane, Mike, Eurig, Adam, Merielle and others for helping get what was salvageable out of the house. Both mine and Rach’s employers for their support and compassion.

Also I would like to thanks everyone who took a load of washing and returned it smelling fresh and smoke free. I am sure there are so many other who have helped out and I want to thank them too even if I can’t remember who they are as the weeks following the fire were a complete haze.

Here are some picture taken immediately after the fire and in following post there will be photos of the rebuild so those of you who wanted to know can follow the progress.