So – yesterday my new toy arrived. What better way to test it than by writing a post to see how it goes?

What is this new toy I hear you ask?

Well lets face it-it would be pretty pointless mentioning it if I don’t actually tell you anything about it now wouldn’t it?

It’s a new tablet-no not one of those accursed iPad whatsits! More like something that actually does what you want it to. I won’t bother going into the shortfalls of igagets as I don’t think that I would stop if I started. No this is a replacement for my trusty old transformer prime.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I hear you say. “You still haven’t told us exactly what it is!”

Alright already – I’m getting there. Albeit slowly.

OK. lt’s (drum roll) a 2014 Galaxy Note 10.1.

“Well why one of them?” You ask?

If you give me a chance I shall tell you.

One of the things I wanted to do with the old tablet was to use sketchbook, but after many false starts and even buying a decent stylus for it l ended up giving it up. There was an inherent problem with the touchscreen on the Prime, lt didn’t play well with styluses (stylii?). Smooth curves would end up all jagged and it just became so frustrating. So I tried doing sketches with my fingers, however fat fingers seem to block the area I am trying to draw on – so much so that I couldn’t see a thing and l don’t get much feedback sliding a finger over a piece of glass.

So how are things with the new toy?

Much improved – thank you very much. For a start, this entire post has been written using the s-pen that comes with the note. I scribble away and somehow my handwriting gets converted to something everyone can read! Not only that it is a hell of a lot quicker than my fingers fighting with a tablet keyboard. It works much better with sketchbook as well and the results of my playing with that will start getting posted on my 100 day challenge blog. (It’s quite lucky that it arrived when it did as the 2014 100 days starts today!) And you know what’s even better? This post can count as the entry for the first day of the challenge.

So overall the experience far is pretty good. I just need to stop clicking the button on the pen as l am writing.

Will I carry on using it? Will I actually write more? Sketch more? Doodle more?

Only time will tell!

Watch this space and I may even blog some more!

And then again maybe not!